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October 25, 2017
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Manny Potter

Manny Potter Web Presentation
  • TaskWeb Design + Web Management + Search Engine Optimization + Branding + Social Media


Manny Potter is the former president and founder of Mace Multimedia, a digital marketing agency in Tampa, FL. I’m a digital marketing strategist with over 12 years of experience partnering with over 340 businesses in the US.

I work primarily in the Tampa Bay Area, and with experience I’ve garnered from clients from around the US, I can help your small business or non-profit organization get to the top of Google and Bing via search engine optimization, grow your fan base through social media optimization, and protect your small business or non-profit organization with my reputation management tactics. I will implement a professional tracking and analytics system that will zero in on what elements of your campaign are proving most successful and which should be improved for ultimate campaign ROI.

Let’s face it, every small business and non-profit needs marketing. So, save your organization time and money when you hire me to strategically implement and manage your ongoing social media outreach and search engine marketing.