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Alternative Waste Solutions

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Founded in Atlanta in 2011, provides commercial waste and recycling and construction hauling services for Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Led by a seasoned waste industry team with more than 50 years’ combined industry experience, AWS provides quality, customized and competitively priced services. AWS is committed to delivering responsive service to your specific waste management needs.

Unlike many waste haulers, AWS never takes a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it offers custom-tailored solutions to meet the needs of every customer.

Whether you are a builder, property manager or business owner looking for solutions for how to handle waste in your building, you need a company you can trust.

AWS serves the Atlanta community, providing expert advice and diverse solutions to meet your specific hauling needs.

While many large national companies offer set waste-hauling solutions that customers must fit into, AWS tailors everything to clients’ needs – hallmarks of its commitment to be flexible and customer-focused.

Typical national haulers push clients to use their pre-contracted landfill and recycling assets. AWS embraces a more flexible operational model that allows them to negotiate with multiple landfill and recycling centers so their clients gain a truly customized solution.

For companies committed to sustainability, having a choice in how to dispose of waste can make all the difference. AWS will work with you to help you meet your recycling and sustainability goals, every time and with an eye on keeping costs down.