We’ll take out the guesswork, unscramble, decode, decipher, and clarify your marketing strategy, your target audience, and your niche so your marketing is concentrated and your brand is consistent.


It’s vital that your marketing efforts interlink and move in the right direction.

Our team has the right resources, the proper tools, and just enough ingenuity and know-how to make things happen.


What blueprint are you using?

Does it match what you’re trying to build?

Without a cohesive plan, your marketing efforts are likely to collapse.


Who are you? What’s your story?

Do your customers tell your story the way you do?

Your brand story needs to be clear and consistent. And it needs to be spoken in the language of your target audience


Is your online customer the same as your local customer?

Do they look the same, act the same, and buy the same?

More often than not, your online audience has different needs and buying behaviors than your local customers

Social Media

Still entrusting your brand’s online reputation to your 17-yr old niece?

Yes, it’s free and easy to learn. No, it can’t be done by just anyone.


Have a mobile-friendly QR code that links to a non-mobile friendly website? Really!?

If you’re not mobile, you’re missing the bus.


Waiting for customers to open your door or give you a ring?

Does your revenue stream stop at 5pm?

Nearly every good and service can be sold online 24/7.



4 BILLION of the 6.8 BILLION people on the planet use a mobile phone. 3.5 BILLION of them use a toothbrush - 60 Second Marketer


Google+ attracted 20 million users within the first 3 weeks of its launch - comScore


With over 11 million unique monthly visitors (and counting), Pinterest became the fastest standalone website to eclipse the 10 million per month mark ever - PR Daily


Worldwide, we conduct 131 billion searches per month on the web – comScore